Fire Extinguishers NYC

Everyone knows that Ansul Fire Extinguishers are the gold standard when it comes to fire suppression systems, that automatically detect and extinguisher commercial kitchen fires. But did you know that Ansul Fire Extinguishers are available to you the consumer – and they’re portable!

Not only do these tough, best in breed fire extinguishers meet NFPA 10 solid fuel cooking requirements (meaning for use on fires involving combustible vegetable oil or animal fats in restaurant kitchens) but they have other applications as well. Some of these include using them in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, offices, private homes and apartments.

Why take a chance on purchasing a fire extinguisher at a department store where a sales associate will sell you anything? When it comes to life safety trust the best. Does your family deserve anything less?

When it comes to putting out fires in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, the two names that stand above the rest are Ansul Fire Systems and Master Fire Prevention.

Call us at (718) 828-6424 and our certified fire prevention technicians will help you purchase the best fire prevention extinguishers money can buy.

Master Fire is an authorized distributor for Ansul Fire Extinguishers.