Smog-Hog Electrostatic Air Cleaners from Master Fire are the way to go if you need a precipitator in your commercial kitchen.

Have you ever been in a kitchen that was so smoky that you couldn’t breathe or your eyes burned? That’s not only bad for your health, it’s a safety hazard. The best solution is to install an electrostatic precipitator (ESP). It’s a device that cleanses the air of gas particles. Smoke is filled with harmful particles that get in food, clog vents, and enter your body.

Unlike bag or cartridge filters that remove only larger particles, ESP filters eliminate practically every particle, including the microscopic ones.

Smog-Hog® Electrostatic Air Cleaners are a type of electrostatic precipitator that eliminates odors from kitchen exhaust. It takes the grease laden vapor through electro filters and filters out the grease. That grease is then passed through a carbon filter to eliminate the odors from the air. Minimum duct work, compliance with local regulations, and issued permits are required. We are approved by various building code protective bylaws including the the UL NYC, MEA, and NYC BEC.

Neighbors Using Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Here are some places that have installed the Smog-Hog Electrostatic Air Cleaners:

  • McDonald’s aboard the USS Intrepid Museum
  • Mohegan Sun Yankees Stadium
  • Bryant Park Hotel
  • Rockefeller Center Rainbow Room

It can be part of your kitchen fire suppression system we’ll install in your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

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