Fire Department Violations Removed NYC

Fire Department Violations Removed NYC

Fire Inspection Services NYC
Fire Inspection Services NYC

The following are terms that make NYC restaurant owners and property managers anxious:

smoke inspection, smoke detector requirements, fire permit, escape laws, egress code, fire alarm, sprinkler violations, fire Dept., expediting violation filings, grill ordinance, fire code requirements, fire code compliance, code enforcement violations, notice of violation, code updates, fines, criminal enforcement…

How about that last one – criminal enforcement?

As within any industry, things change over time. Often these changes are meant to increase safety, streamline procedures, and reduce the operational impact on the surrounding environment. With the increased use of low cholesterol, low fat vegetable oils, commercial kitchen operators in New York City and in restaurant owners everywhere, are having to adapt their fire protection and fire suppression strategy.

High efficiency cooking equipment which is highly insulated and slow to cool, has prompted several important fire code changes which will effect restauranteurs from Upper Manhattan to Coney Island Brooklyn, the South Bronx to the edge of Queens.

First, the UL300 Standard that went into effect back in 1994 has set a new bar, and more stringent standards for the design and installation of fixed restaurant fire suppression systems. The employment of kitchen exhaust hoods, dry chemical, and liquid agent fire suppression systems require that the commercial kitchen operator meet these strict new standards (NFPA standard 96, 17, and 17A).

Second, it is required that your existing fire suppression system be upgraded to comply with the new standards. When changes to the exhaust system or cooking equipment are implemented, you will almost certainly require expansion or re-design of the previously installed system.

That’s a big job, and there are very few fire protection services companies that are up to the task in New York City. Luckily for you, Master Fire Prevention is one of them.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, it is important that you understand the current status of your fire suppression system. You need to know 100% that your Ansul System (or comparable fire suppression system), indeed complies with these new requirements. As a result of current commercial cooking techniques, (that are based around the use of vegetable based cooking oils), Non-compliant fire suppression systems may likely fail to extinguish fires in a modern cooking environment.

So call Master Fire Prevention at (917) 580-6330 where our technicians are licensed, bonded, certified and fully trained in all aspects of fire protection services techniques, rules and regulations. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for dozens of helpful videos including getting violations removed at