Approved Companies Lists NYC

What does it take to be listed on the FDNY Approved Companies Lists NYC?

Approved Companies Lists NYC
Approved Companies Lists NYC

How do you know that the fire protection services company that you called is up to the job?

Just because a company is listed at the top of Google (as we often are for fire protection related searches in New York City), doesn’t mean they are FDNY approved.

We obviously want you to make Master Fire Prevention your first call but encourage you to in fact call other companies and make an informed comparison. Here are some critical questions you should ask. We’re confident that after you do, you will call us!

  1. Does the company have an official letter from the FDNY?
  2. Is the company located inside or outside of NYC?
  3. Is the company currently authorized by the various fire protection equipment manufacturers
  4. Is the company able to provide references for installation, inspection, cleaning and testing by satisfied clients?
  5. Is the company currently licensed to engage in the business of installing, servicing, and maintaining fire suppression, detection and other critical systems?
  6. Does the company know how to expedite permits and other mission critical paperwork and documentation, and navigate the complex NYC Department of Buildings process?
  7. Does the company have the minimum number of years experience required by the FDNY in installing or maintaining fire protection systems?
  8. Can the company you called provide the minimum of a $500,000 insurance policy on file with the FDNY?
  9. Have you checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints with the company you called?
  10. Is the company you call named on the insurance policy filed with the FDNY? This last one is important because any approved companies must keep FDNY insurance records up to date in order to appear on the Approved Companies Lists NYC.

If you want to know more about the stringent requirements listed by the NYC Fire Department, check out this link.


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Don’t play with Fire. Call Master Fire Prevention. We’re a commercial cooking and exhaust systems services company that has been on the Approved Companies Lists NYC business owners need and deserve.