The Need for Commercial Vent Hood Repair & Maintenance

Your commercial kitchen range hood, also sometimes called a grease hood, along with the exhaust vent, are some of the most important pieces of equipment in your kitchen. Your hood’s ventilation is a critical component of the overall ventilation system for your facility. Because it works so hard, it may sometimes require commercial vent hood repair in Manhattan, NY (or in neighboring Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn).

You should arrange regular restaurant vent hood duct cleaning because of the likelihood of your vent hood system gathering build-up due to all the exhaust grease, oil, smoke, and moisture that travels through it.

A kitchen ventilation system works independently with the building’s HVAC system to produce a properly balanced airflow to the building. If you are in need of commercial vent hood repair, then the balance is off, and the heat and odors of a kitchen can migrate back into the dining area or other parts of the building.

It can be easy to overlook this equipment from a maintenance perspective. However, when commercial vent hood repair and restaurant vent hood duct cleaning are neglected, it can cause major problems and possibly even a fire. Here is a list of clear signs that indicate it is time to call a reputable company like Master Fire Protection for range hood maintenance or repair:

Opening the Door to Your Property Is Difficult

There Is a Haze Lingering in the Kitchen or Dining Area

Smoke Hovers

You Change the Temperature Control Settings Often

Odors Do Not Dissipate

Inconsistent Heating or Cooling Throughout Your Facility

An Abundance of Dirt or Dust is Visible