Finding the Right Fire Sprinkler System

Should flames appear and spread, the safety of your employees, customers, and property depends upon fire sprinkler systems in Manhattan, NY, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.And for most business operations, sprinkler systems are a necessity.

When it comes to sprinklers, we first picture the type that uses water, but many others are available, depending on what your company does. Here’s a look at different types of systems:

Wet Pipe – In this system, water waits in the pipes until smoke is detected. First, the sprinkler heads spray water spray directly over the heat source and then activate other sprinklers in other areas.

Foam– A mixture of foam and water smothers the oxygen so the blaze cannot grow. When you have flammable liquids in use and other hazardous substances, this is the system of choice.

Dry– Water can freeze in indoor spaces with temperatures colder than 40 degrees F. For these spaces, pressurized air or nitrogen fills the pipes until the sensors detect heat, which moves water into place for release.

Pre-Action – For environments where the temperature is below 0 degrees F, a pre-action system works well. Electronically controlled valves hold the water back until activation occurs.

Let us help you choose the right sprinklers for your operation. We offer inspection and testing, too. Another service our company provides is the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems in Queens, NY.