Exhaust Fabrication & Kitchen Hood Systems NYC Restaurant

Exhaust Fabrication & Kitchen Hood Systems NYC Restaurant Owners demand can be installed by Master Fire Prevention. Exhaust is not healthy to breathe in nor does it make for safe working conditions. Installing a proper exhaust system is part of the Master Fire Prevention Systems kitchen hood systems and, most importantly, the fire suppression services we can provide. From start to finish your installation is our main concern. We’ll make sure your job is done right and in a timely manner, because our technicians are not only skilled, but they’re also efficient. Fire suppression and elimination of smoke is crucial for the future of your business. Our team will give you the correct estimate based on accurate measurements. Therefore, you’ll be able to schedule dates for service starting with hood and duct installation. The process in general is easy. Regardless, our professional, courteous staff will guide you through the procedures of installing kitchen hood systems. All the hood and duct work is custom made, meeting your desire for your kitchen as well as physical needs of the space. We’ll discuss your plans before we begin work so you know what’s going on at all times. Nfpa96 black iron duct ranging from 16 gauge to 10 gauge will be used per our measurements and specification, which will save you money and time on installations. Fans and blowers: We calculate the air velocity, the necessary CFM’s, according to the cooking equipment use. Access doors: We install access doors in all our systems. If you have a compliant duct system but need access doors installed, you can call us to help you. Make up air: We will provide 24 gauge duct work with a blower and heat where needed. Insulation: We install 3M fire wrap insulation or calcium silicate block. Both types are New York City Building & Fire department approved. If you have any questions about installation, one of our team members will be happy to take your call. 718.828.6424.

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