Fire Suppression Systems in Manhattan Brooklyn The Bronx & Queens

NYC Restaurant Owners Have Relied On With Our Fire Protection Systems For Over 50 Years.

Hotels bars, night clubs, music venues, offices, and retail fire protection systems are designed, installed, inspected, maintained, and serviced by Master Fire Prevention. We provide fire suppression systems in Staten Island, NY. We also offer fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, kitchen exhaust ventilation, fog hog precipitators, and more. Additionally, we provide fire system installations and services. Schedule a call with us today!
We just started a new service that we will use exhaust system, exhaust the air in the room, and bring in clean filtered air and change the air in the room from 4 to 6 times an hour to help eliminate the coronavirus. For more info, give us a call right now!
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Fire Suppression Systems

Master Fire Suppression Systems NYC Ansul R-102 Cost and Installation 

Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation

HVAC Systems, Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling, Rooftop Units, Exhaust Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in the planning, design, and installation of fire sprinkler systems.

Vent Hood Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood & Duct Cleaning for your Restaurant

  • – Preliminary design and calculations (design-build) for NFPA requirements
  • – Specifications customized to your commercial kitchen, office, business, store, retail establishment, venue, bar, restaurant, night club, manufacturing facility, industrial, government, public housing, multi-unit dwellings, etc.
  • – Securing the appropriate approvals (building dept., insurance companies, FDNY license, etc.)
  • – Providing accurate cost estimates
  • – Survey, Design, Installation, Testing, Approval, Maintenance, Upgrade and Inspection services

We also offer complete fire sprinkler system inspection and testing services.

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