Why Risk Fire or Violations????

Special Chemicals are used for your Kitchen Exhaust Cleanings.

We provide you with the best source of protection from fire for a commercial kitchen. Our 24 hour crews are ready willing and able to clean your duct system and fans. We work hard to insure we will not interfere with your daily restaurant kitchen operations.

Keeping your hood, duct, and fan clean and running properly is the best way to keep a safe and smooth running kitchen exhaust.

We offer semi-annual fan maintenance to assure the fan and blower operates at peak efficiency and will keep your kitchen cool and clear during peak operations.

Air cleaning precipitators are a good way to insure your odors are cleaned before they hit the outside. The only way to keep this highly expensive equipment in peak operating order is to clean the filters & change the carbon regularly.

All our work is documented and kept on file. Fire Department Violations removed. We will clear your violations with The NYC Fire Department and send you the cure card, when done.

Smoke & odor complaints see our Precipitator page.

Contact us at 718-828-6100.

Our technicians are NYC Fire department certified.

Our relationships with the following distributors allow us to install only the best in your commercial kitchen: