Why Restaurants Need Vent Hood Repair and Maintenance?

Your kitchen’s range hood, also known as a grease hood, and its exhaust vent are among the most important pieces of kitchen equipment, and they work hard. Your vent hood’s ventilation is a critical component of the overall ventilation system for your building. The main purpose of the vent hood system is to exhaust grease and smoke as well as heat, moisture, and odors. This is why restaurant vent hood repair in Manhattan, NY, is essential to running a great culinary business.

The kitchen ventilation system also works with the building’s HVAC system to produce a properly balanced airflow to the facility. A very slight negative air pressure is preferred in a commercial kitchen to keep the kitchen’s heat and odors from migrating back into the dining area or other parts of the building.

It’s common for restaurants to overlook this equipment from a maintenance perspective, but it is essential to find a trusted company to service your vent hood or do restaurant vent hood repair in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. This can make or break a great restaurant. When a vent hood is not routinely cleaned and maintained, it can cause major problems and potentially a fire.

Here are some signs that it is time to call a dependable company like Master Fire Prevention to have your commercial kitchen vent hood maintained:

Opening the Door to Your Facility is Difficult

A Haze Lingers in the Kitchen or Dining Area

Smoke Hovers

Inconsistent Heating or Cooling Throughout Your Facility

Dust or Dirt is Visible