FIRE RESTAURANT FIRE CODENew York City restaurants are mandated to obtain and adhere to highly complex and rigorous licensing requirements. The kinds of licenses and inspections can vary significantly from business to business and from and there often are what seem to be endless on-site inspections before a NYC Restaurateur is given the green light of approval to open for business.

Some of these requirements include emergency preparedness; fire prevention and reporting practices, the making of, storing of, handling of, use of and transporting of hazardous and combustible materials; the types of businesses activities that may pose fire hazards; and the designing of, installation of, operation of and maintenance of the buildings and premises that contain or house these and such materials, businesses and activities.

Persons and businesses in the above position required by law to adhere to New York City Fire Code and required to obtain and file paperwork and permits including but not limited to certain certifications.

Do you have this expertise?

If not – Master Fire Prevention does and with over 40 years of experience doing so. We consult with Bronx restaurants, Manhattan restaurants, Queens Restaurants, Brooklyn restaurants and Staten Island restaurants by handling their fire prevention compliance needs with respect to the the complicated permit, certification and licensing requirements NYC restaurant owners are ordered to adhere to. These include operational and maintenance requirements WHICH INCLUDE RECORD KEEPING.

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There is no “grace period”, under the repealed New York City Fire Prevention Code or new Fire Code (2008). So don’t get caught. You may have had a business or restaurant with pre-existing installations that were perhaps compliant but no longer are so. Are you willing to take that chance? Especially when lives are at stake?

[note_box]If you have questions about the new Fire Code you can go online to the FDNY website at http://www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/html/firecode/feedback.shtml OR Call Master Fire Prevention and let us handle everything for you.

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