Three Tragic Fires As a Result of Failure to Follow Fire Codes

The safety of any building is dependent on several factors, from structural inspections to Fire Code Manhattan NY. Fire codes in particular can be a huge part in keeping a building safe and the lives of the people within the building protected. Obeying the Fire Code Manhattan NY in any building is important to your safety; the problem is that on many occasions, fire codes are ignored, risking the lives of everyone inside.

In 2008 alone, there were 2,715 serious fires in the area of New York City. Many of these fires could have likely been prevented if the Fire Code Manhattan NY had been obeyed. History shows us the importance of following Fire Code in a string of tragic fire-related accidents recent years.

[fancy_header]The Beverly Hills Supper Club – 1977[/fancy_header]

Located in Southgate, Kentucky, this fire is the 3rd deadliest nightclub fire in the history of US fire disasters. Following the fire that killed 165 and injured more than 200, an investigation revealed that the club had not followed the Fire Code Manhattan NY. The Memorial Day event at the club (the day of the fire) resulted in overcrowding by at least 150 occupants. The building also had an insufficient number of fire exits and faulty wiring in several locations. On top of all of this, further Fire Code Manhattan NY regulations were broken, as the building had no sprinkler system and fire alarms that were not nearly loud enough.

[fancy_header]Happy Land Fire – 1990[/fancy_header]

While this fire was determined to be an act of arson, the fact remains that many lives could have been spared if the Happy Land club had followed Fire Code Manhattan NY. Evidence shows that even before the night of the fire, the club had been ordered to be shut down due to safety code violations. These violations included the absence of a sprinkler system, fore alarms and even appropriate fire exits. On the night of the fire, the fire exits had been blocked to prevent people from coming into the club without paying an admissions fee. Because no further actions had been taken after the fire department’s orders to shut down the club, 87 people were trapped in the club and died.

[fancy_header]The Station – 2003[/fancy_header]

This fire received much attention in 2003 when a rock band playing at The Station ignited pyrotechnics inside the building. Sparks from these props ignited surrounding sound insulation along the walls and on the ceiling. The fire that ensued grew rapidly and allowed very little time for occupants to escape. Video footage of the event shows insufficient fire escape space that was quickly overcrowded and blocked by occupants that were wedged I the doorways. An estimated 100 people were killed and another 230 were injured due to this failure to follow Fire Code Manhattan NY.

We all know that fires are an unpredictable danger. However, when Fire Code Manhattan NY are followed properly, lives can be saved. In these examples, the fires were made even worse by the fact that Fire Code Manhattan NY were not being obeyed.

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