Master Fire PreventionNew York City Businesses need to be proactive when it comes to fire and life safety. Every Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island commercial establishment is now mandated by law to have a monthly as well as a five year fire sprinkler system inspection. Master Fire Prevention has 40 years of experience and a dedicated team of certified professionals waiting to help you with your New York City Fire Sprinkler Inspection needs.

NYC Fire Suppression Systems and NYC Fire Sprinkler Systems are designed to offer security. The last thing you want is to see them at work. And we make sure that your fire sprinkler will not only work if called upon to do so, but that you are ready and prepare for spot New York Fire Department Fire Sprinkler inspections if they do. This is JOB 1 for Master Fire Prevention.

We work with our customers to provide regularly scheduled fire sprinkler inspections to make sure that your sprinkler system will operate as designed and pass inspection. We’re ready to be there for you to install, test, upgrade (if necessary), and maintain your system, spot deficiencies if any, and recommended improvements. We provide you with a detailed report and tell you what your options are for repair.

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]e will perform fire sprinkler inspections to make sure your establishment is up to code and that your business meets all insurance provider requirements.

Whether your NYC Fire Sprinkler System is wet fire sprinkler system, dry pipe fire sprinkler system, pre-action fire sprinkler system, deluge fire sprinkler system or a standpipe fire sprinkler system, trust the experts. And don’t forget to visit our Youtube Channel at

[note_box]Look for our next post on how we specifically go about the Fire Sprinkler System Inspection Process.[/note_box]