NYC COMMERCIAL KITCHEN RANGE HOOD buyers need to be informed.

In Part I of our post one we focused on cleaning and maintenance issues.  Now let’s talk about four things that that Will Save Your New York City Restaurant or Business money!

Every day, there are stories in the news about fires that are started in commercial kitchens mostly due to bad kitchen hoods and poor kitchen hood maintenance.  The latter could cost you your business especially if business owners do not understand the dangers of a faulty kitchen hood.  Certainly having a fire prevention company like Master Fire Prevention that has been in business in New York City for over forty years and that will maintain your kitchen equipment, and kitchen hood’s safety is paramount.

Here are some other important factors to consider when buying a good commercial kitchen hood:

1. If a NYC fire is started due to your faulty commercial kitchen hood, your NYC Commercial Business insurance will most likely skyrocket.  Many businesses that have even the smallest of kitchen fires are sometimes unable to recover, due to the inflated cost of their insurance.

2. NYC Commercial Kitchen hoods need to be durable to handle the kinds of traffic and volume that such restaurants generate.  They have to be able to cope with the high temperatures, greases and oils that used while cooking. Grease and cooking oils can easily start a fire when next to a high heat source, and are fueled by the constant supply of oxygen. With high volume and high temperature cooking, even the smallest mistake could result in fire.  Make sure your commercial kitchen hood can take the heat!

3. Not only can a commercial kitchen fire start on the grill or six burner range, but if the kitchen hood is not properly maintained, grease on the hood could catch on fire or a perhaps a wire could short out and spark a fire. The commercial kitchen hood needs to be consistently monitored and maintained by experts to prevent accidents.

4. Your commercial kitchen hood MUST be up to NYC Fire Code, or it could cost you your business. As outlined by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 17A – Standards on Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems, NFPA 96 – Standards for Ventilation Control and the Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, your kitchen hood has to provide fire protection for cooking appliances, exhaust hoods, and ducts.

New York City’s Master Fire provides and installs only the best commercial quality kitchen hoods and fire suppression systems. Master Fire technicians are experts on kitchen hood inspections. They are committed to preventing kitchen hood related accidents and keeping your New York kitchen safe.