New York City has it’s own set of codes and laws, on top of those in the State of New York, that restaurant owners must follow. They’re written to ensure protection from fire for both the restaurant and any other building occupants.

Restaurant owners should always:

  • Have a cleaning and maintenance program in place for all kitchen equipment. This includes semi-annual cleaning of your kitchen hoods, regular removal of grease and debris, cleaning of grease traps, and temperature control systems.
  • Know and follow all fire department codes, laws, and building regulations for the State and City of New York to ensure the best fire protection.
  • Install and maintain a wet chemical fire suppression system.
  • Have plenty of fire extinguishers, and know how to use them.

It’s important to keep your hood, duct, and fan clean and running in top condition. It’s the best way to ensure ultimate protection from fire. A smooth and safe running kitchen exhaust, as well as a make-up air system to replace the exhausted air is essential.

Master Fire includes maintenance, cleaning, inspections, and the best source of fire protection for commercial kitchens. We have New York City crews ready 24 hours a day, and our work will never interfere with your restaurant’s kitchen operations.

We will design, install, clean, and maintain the fire system suited to your specific needs at a reasonable cost. Plans are made to manufacturers and New York City Fire and Building Department specifications. ALL Master Fire Protection plans are guaranteed to pass the plan examiner’s stringent requirements. Call Us Now: (917) 261-3710