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Finding the right fire protection services company in NYC is simple when you call Master Fire Prevention. In large cities like Manhattan, where buildings are literally hugging each other, it’s especially important to know all of the ins and outs of fire prevention.

Adjacent properties cannot be guaranteed to protect your business. Failure of fuel lines or heating sources, careless use of matches or candles, you name it… and your business could be destroyed if you’re not practicing proper fire prevention Manhattan!

It’s entirely possible that even if you’ve done everything right in regards to installing a fire prevention system, but the fact remains that there are “companies” that thrive on taking advantage of unknowing business owners. Fake inspections, a lack of training, certification, and licensing, you name it. Don’t let yourself lose everything. We’ve compiled some tips on how to make sure you’ve found the most qualified, honest, and reliable fire prevention company for your business.

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Seek out a proven, positive reputation.

It’s important to hunt down reviews and testimonials regarding ANY business you choose to work with. These days, it’s so easy to do an online search, but don’t forget to also speak with others in your industry and learn more about their experiences. Don’t forget to speak with the fire prevention team at your local fire department also. They’ll really be able to let you know what your business needs are, and likely also which company can fulfill those needs for you.
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Find a customer and technical support system you can trust.

When your fire prevention system needs service, it needs it immediately. You should never have to wait too long to receive quality service on your equipment! Make sure the company you choose to work with has a support system that works for you and your needs.
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Qualified, trained, and certified work is important.

If your fire prevention system isn’t installed properly, inspected regularly, cleaned and maintained – you might as well not have anything. Seek out fully-trained and highly qualified installers, learn about the experience and training they’ve gone through, and to what standards the fire prevention company holds them. Installation personnel also should have background checks and be fully bonded.

[note_box]Master Fire Prevention has been in business for over 40 years providing a range of fire prevention services. We have fully-bonded, well-trained installation personnel who are part of a continuing education program to make sure they use the latest methods and techniques. Our goal is to provide fast, efficient service at competitive prices.

Contact us for a free assessment of your needs at 917-261-3710 or make a request using the form below.[/note_box]

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