Episode Guide 5

Under New York City Law, FDNY’s Fire Inspection Team routinely conducts fire safety inspections to comply with the Fire Code . A restaurant or business owner can expect to have a fire safety inspection at least once a year.

Master Fire’ Prevention’s chief focus when we are called to consult with restaurant owners in Manhattan or anywhere in New York City, Northern New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island is safety.

This includes the safety of the owner, employees, the public, customers, and New York City Firefighters in case of a fire or emergency.

Find out what triggers the most common fire code violations when operating a commercial kitchen establishment, the most common mistakes restaurant owners make with respect to how the place, move and clean their commercial kitchen equipment and how they can be easily avoided.

Most importantly you’ll see how Master Fire Prevention can work with you to remove fire code violations in your restaurant caused by neglected or unclean grease filters, malfunctioning sprinkler stand pipe systems, improper electrical wiring, improper storage of flammable materials, extensive use of extension cords and perhaps the most common New York City Fire Code Violation… fire extinguishing equipment that is mounted improperly and not up to date.

Learn what to do if your restaurant receives a violation and how Master Fire Prevention helps restaurant owners remove them and stay in compliance.