Episode Guide 4

On this episode of Master Fire Prevention’s “FIRE AWAY”, Host Leo Sanchez talk shop.

We go behind the scenes in New York City based Master Fire Prevention’s shop and look at the hoods, custom designed duct work and other equipment that needs to be in your commercial restaurant kitchen in order to help negate the occurrence of restaurant kitchen fires.

Check out the plasma cutter demonstration where we can make any type of design in any type of material in metal.

If you are in Manhattan, NYC and are in need on the best quality, custom made commercial kitchen hoods, we always have them in stock, any size, shape. We also have exhaust fans all makes and models, fresh air (make up air systems), exhaust blowers which pull all the smoke and grease out of your commercial kitchen.

Leo discusses how Master Fire Prevention plays an integral role in helping New York City Restaurateurs avoid fires in their Commercial Kitchens. From taking exact measurements to working with you to design your commercial kitchen, Master Fire Prevention works hard ensure that all necessary fire prevention protocols are employed.

Kitchen Safety and avoiding fires in your commercial kitchen are our number one priority.

We then fine tune and optimize your system to make sure that your commercial kitchen has the right amount of fresh air and exhaust going in and out of your commercial kitchen.

If you are a Restaurant Owner in Manhattan or the 5 boroughs and considering building a commercial kitchen, or need to replace old or faulty commercial kitchen equipment, call the best, call Master Fire Prevention at (718) 828-6424 and visit us on the web at https://masterfireprevention.com