Do you know how to use a Fire Extinguisher in Your New York City Home, Business or Restaurant?

We see them at work, in restaurants and coffee shops, at school, in movie theaters and hopefully in our homes. But do YOU know how to effectively use a fire extinguisher? Most people do not….here’s some help. Just remember the word “PASS’. Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep.

Pull the Pin,
Aim low at the base of the fire,
Squeeze the trigger and
Sweep the unit back and forth at the base of the fire,

If the situation arises where you have to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire, the natural inclination is to discharge the fire extinguisher directly at the flames. This is a mistake. “There’s a limited amount of fire extinguishing agent and you may run out of it before the fire is extinguished.” Most extinguishers discharge in 5-15 seconds!

Are there certain types of fire extinguishers that are better for different situation than others?

ABSOLUTELY: ABC Fire Extinguishers are among the highest recommended units and you can call the NYC fire suppression and Fire Prevention experts at Master Fire Prevention to get yours now.

Master Fire has been in the Fire Prevention business for over 40 years handling all aspects of fire protection – from consultation to design, installation, maintenance, testing and inspections. If you need fire extinguishers or more complex commercial fire extinguishing agents such as dry chemical, liquid agent, and/or dual agent systems for your Manhattan or Brooklyn business or restaurant, call the folks you can trust to bring you superior engineering and quality installations at competitive prices.

Master Fire excels in design, installation, inspection and maintenance services.

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