Do Not Buy Extinguishers Brooklyn New York until You Have Read This!

The New York city fire department has very specific rules when it comes to Extinguishers Brooklyn NY. These rules are not exactly written in stone, and the city does not hand out a handbook explaining all of the rules either. For many businesses and restaurant owners this is a problem. They don’t know which fire Extinguishers Brooklyn NY are required by law. Restaurants may have to use a completely different type of fire extinguisher than a regular business. Understanding which fire extinguisher is needed will not only keep the business’s doors open, but it can also save lives.

Mark, a local restaurant owner has this to say about choosing the right Extinguishers Brooklyn NY.

When I started planning my restaurant, I had no idea the amount of trouble it would be just trying to locate the right kind of fire extinguishers. I had no idea which fire extinguishers to choose. I did what many business owners do. I purchased some fire extinguishers without researching the difference in commercial fire Extinguishers Brooklyn NY and residential fire extinguishers. This was a big mistake. Not only did I waste my money on these fire extinguishers, but my restaurant did not pass the fire inspection because of them.

Which Extinguishers Brooklyn NY should businesses and restaurants use? Consulting with a company that specializes in fire extinguishers is the best way to find out which type of fire extinguisher is needed for your business.

[fancy_header]Class B[/fancy_header]
This type of fire extinguisher is marked with a red square. It is mostly used on fires that contain combustible liquids. These fire extinguishers are excellent with fires that are oil based, gasoline based or contain grease. These are common Extinguishers Brooklyn NY for automotive repair shops. They can help quickly extinguish fires in these types of businesses.

[fancy_header]Class C[/fancy_header]
This type of fire extinguisher is marked with a blue circle. It is used when electricity is involved with fire. If electrical appliance is on fire, this is the type of extinguisher that should be used to put out the fire. This type of extinguisher is also used on anything that uses batteries. These are common Extinguishers Brooklyn NY for offices, or businesses that sell electrical appliances.

[fancy_header]Class K[/fancy_header]
This type of fire extinguisher is marked with a black K. This is the type of fire extinguisher that is at home in commercial kitchens all over the United States. It is used to put out fires that contain vegetable oils and animal fats. These Extinguishers Brooklyn NY are also starting to become more popular in home kitchens as well.

[note_box]Finding out that you have the wrong fire extinguisher when you are trying to put out a fire is never good. Master Fire Prevention Systems can help you make sure that you have the right Extinguishers Brooklyn NY for your business. For over 40 years we have been helping businesses fight fires in New York. Give us a call today at:(347) 316-8390 and let us help you find the right fire extinguisher for your business.[/note_box]


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