The Commercial Kitchen hoods Manhattan Restaurant Owners want are installed by Master Fire.

They need to be strong, durable, and able to handle extremely high cooking temperatures in a typically small space. All of Master Fire’s exhaust systems are custom manufactured using regulations and codes to keep your business safe! We use black iron duct ranging from 16 gauge to 10 gauge per our measurements, requirements by law, and specification. This will save you money and worry in the long run.

In NYC, a kitchen hood needs to pass the NFPA regulations, as well as building and NYC fire codes. This includes the National Fire Protection Association standards, NFPA 17A and NFPA 96. Your kitchen hood HAS to provide adequate or above adequate fire protection.

It’s absolutely crucial to have your kitchen hood cleaned at least twice a year, as grease and oils and food debris can quickly start a fire that gets out of control very fast. Just as you would clean grease traps and behind your cooking equipment, you need to have your kitchen hoods properly cleaned and maintained in NYC / Manhattan.

Also remember that when you have a kitchen hood to exhaust air, you will need to replace it with air brought in from outside the kitchen. It should be filtered and temperature controlled air that comes in with a make-up air system. It should be considered whether or not the kitchen itself is heated or air-conditioned, and depends on several factors such as the size of the kitchen and building, layout of the building’s existing systems, location, and time of year. Master Fire provides 24 gauge ductwork with a blower and heat where needed. Call Us Now: (917) 261 3710