Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Hoods Manhattan

Commercial Kitchen Hoods Manhattan

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your filters and commercial kitchen hoods Manhattan is vital to protecting your Manhattan restaurant. How often you clean your range hood depends of course on the amount it is used. If you are like other New York City Restaurant Kitchens, usage could be high.

Another factor is what type of cooking is being done. Are you cooking with high flames such as are associated with woks and that is common for a range hood in Chinese restaurants? Frying in general creates far more grease and increases the need for more frequent cleaning.

We offer a variety of solutions and what sets Master Fire apart is that we will custom design them for your space, with plenty of access panels. After all with all that grease and smoke being sucked through your NYC range hood and into the ducts, you want to make sure that all that smell, grease and smoke doesn’t leave behind unpleasant odors that your customers can detect.

There are two common types of Commercial Kitchen Hoods Manhattan, we sell both. The first are stainless steel hoods. With these type of range hoods, you can use a clean, soft cloth and mild dish detergent or stainless steel cleaner. Just wipe in the direction of the grain but don’t use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or acids. Believe it or not even paper towels can leave scratch marks. Always rinse with warm water and repeat.

Another option is a powder coated hood. To clean this type of commercial kitchen hoods, we suggest using a mild degreaser such as Simple Green.

Another cleaning and care tip for your commercial kitchen hoods Manhattan system, is to take care of and properly clean your filters. If the filters are filthy, the performance of your Manhattan kitchen range hood will be affected and once again, those odors can make their way into your food.

To clean the baffles, remove the center panel, baffles and grease tray. Put them in the dishwasher, or simply spray them down with a degreaser (again something like Simple Green). Or you can wash them by hand. Grease accumulates in the grease tray and should be cleaned regularly. Lastly you will want whomever is in charge of your NYC restaurant commercial kitchen to clean the mesh. They can be dropped in the dishwasher or washed with mild dish detergent.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods Manhattan – Prevent fires in NYC Restaurants