7 Steps For Fire Safety For Your NYC Restaurant That Are SO EASY!

firesafteysquareFire safety is often overlooked during the busy holiday season, especially in NYC! Between heavy traffic to your NYC restaurant and employees taking off for the holidays, it is hard to find time to make sure your business is safe from potential fire accidents.

NYC restaurants experience more fire accidents during the holiday season than the rest of the year. Typical scenarios include leaving the stove unattended, forgetting to provide proper ashtrays outside for smokers, and misplacing flammable materials. Don’t let a simple mistake during the NYC holiday rush lead to a horrible accident!

Fire safety and fire prevention need to be a routine at your NYC restaurant! Preventative fire safety is the most important part of your business, since the consequences could be catastrophic! You NEED to make a list of safety measures to routinely check off, to ensure continual fire safety.

Here are some examples of frequent fire safety tips… Feel free to tailor the list to your facilities’ fire safety needs!

1.     Make sure to test smoke alarms and the expirations on fire extinguishers.
2.     Keep areas around stoves and outlets clean.
3.     Don’t leave ovens and stoves unattended while they’re in use.
4.     Remind smokers to remain outside and to not leave smoking materials unattended.
5.     Provide smokers with a proper way to discard cigarette butts at a safe distance from your business.
6.     Keep flammable and fire starting materials in secure places.
7.     Have a fire escape plan posted so that employees and customers can easily see.
8.     Have fire safety equipment, like fire extinguishers, in easily accessible and visible places.

The most important tip is to tailor this list towards your NYC restaurant needs! Master Fire Prevention can help educate you and your employees on fire safety prevention and meet any of your fire safety needs. Master Fire provides and installs only the highest quality kitchen hoods and fire suppression systems. Contact one of our expert fire safety technicians now at 917-2613710 and make fire safety a for your business a priority this year.